Christ Community Church & Rob Ely

As a worship pastor of 14 years, I am very familiar with the challenges that worship leaders face week in and week out. How do you stay organized and how do you bring coherence to your worship planning and then communicate effectively to your team?

To say that is a great tool that allows all this to come together is an understatement! For me, it is indispensable. I love the fact that I can plan the set using the vast bank of songs, order the set how I need to, and then send it out to my team. I also love the fact that it has a calendar section that keeps track of who on my team is unavailable any given week, making scheduling a breeze!

But those things aren’t the biggest reasons I love I especially love it because it is easy to use, both for me and my team members. Unlike most of the other worship planning sites (and yes I’ve checked them out), is intuitive and simple to navigate. has simply made me a better worship leader. My team appreciates that, my pastor appreciates that, and most of all, I feel like God appreciates that because I am able to be a good steward of the time He has given me in the ministry. Thank you for making my job a whole lot easier and helping me to attain and keep a spirit of excellence in my leadership of the worship ministry.

For His Praise and Renown,

Rob Ely
Worship Pastor
Christ Community Church, Pinehurst, NC