Feature Comparison

Features & Content Comparison

All of the major worship planning systems have common features that are standard expectations for an online planner. These include: people management, skills, scheduling/invitations, calendar, communications, document sharing, set list/order of service planning, account management, iPad/iPhone/Android apps and mobile site access. WorshipTeam.com has all those features too! However, WorshipTeam.com also has some special features related to songs, chord charts, audio and licensing that you may not be aware of. No other planner has these integrated song and licensing capabilities included.

FeatureWorshipTeam.comOther Planners (PCO)
Pre-loaded Songs10,000+ top songs*0 songs
New songs released weeklyYESno
Licensing for using/sharing Chord chartsYESno
Licensing for using/sharing AudioYESno
Instant Transposition of synchronized chord charts and audioYESno**
Instant Capo chord chart featureYESno
Instantly Create Your Own Versions/Arrangements of Pre-loaded songsYESno
Save You Hours (maybe even weeks) of time not having to load your own songsYESno
Stay Legal AND Save MoneyYESno

WorshipTeam.com has taken care to include a planning system, chord charts, lyrics and audio all pre-loaded in the system, plus including the licensing you need to share them with your team. None of the song content or licensing is included with PCO (or other planners) and using it without such licensing would break copyright laws. Our hope with WorshipTeam.com is that our customers see the value of our combined service, song content and licensing and understand it is saving them considerable money with our service. Additionally, we think that having the songs already pre-loaded into the system (and loading in new songs as they release) helps our users save a lot of time and effort in growing their song databases. Other functionality such as the ability to edit the songs by creating your own versions and songs is not possible with CCLI’s Song Select which does not allow you to edit any of its chord charts (yes, both WorshipTeam.com and CCLI Song Select allow you to change the key of songs, but only WorshipTeam.com allows you to make any customization beyond that).

*All the popular songs from Capitol/CMG, Bethel, WorshipTogether, Hillsong, Word/Warner, Sony, Essential, Vineyard, Integrity, Kingsway, Passion, Jesus Culture, Sovereign Grace, and hundreds more & growing!

**PCO provides a transposition tool that allows you to change the key of a basic text chord chart. However, audio is done separately, is not synchronized and requires separate usage to create each transposed version.